Technology Knowledge

Product Description

◆ SMC (Soft Magnetic Composite) iron core is a new type of soft magnetic material product prepared by using high-purity iron powder as the main raw material, insulating the surface of the powder particles, using powder metallurgy technology, pressing and forming, and heat treatment. It has lower high-frequency eddy current loss, higher saturation magnetic induction, and can be processed into complex 3D structure products. Using SMC core, it has the advantages of reduced motor volume, lower power consumption, wire saving, and simplified assembly.

Iron Powder Core

◆ Iron powder core Iron powder core is a kind of soft magnetic material that is not saturated under soft magnetic field, which is made by high-purity reduced iron powder or base iron powder through surface insulation coating and adhesive mixing and pressing. It has good DC superposition characteristics. The production process is simple, and the price is the lowest among all kinds of metal magnetic powder cores. At present, it is the most widely used and the most widely used among all kinds of metal magnetic powder cores.

Alloy Ring Magnetic Powder Core

◆ Alloy magnetic powder core is a kind of soft magnetic material made of iron-based alloy material, mixed and pressed by surface insulation coating and inorganic binder, and then subjected to high temperature treatment. According to the different alloy composition, there are mainly Sendust Cores, Si-Fe Cores, Neu Flux Cores, and High Flux Cores. Flux Cores), Fe-Ni-Mo magnetic powder cores (MPP Cores) five categories.

Alloy Special Magnetic Powder Core

◆ The company has a strong R&D team, which can customize products according to customer requirements. Whether it is the characteristics and shape of materials, it can meet the special requirements of customers. It is also very willing to develop new products with customers.